PLEASE BE ADVISED that some individuals have received scam letters purporting to offer services related to class action settlements in return for money. There is no need to pay any company to participate in this Settlement.

What should I do if I receive such a communication?
Do not respond. Do not provide any personal information. Do not make any payment.
Who will send Settlement communications to Class Members?
Only Epiq (the Settlement Administrator), Class Counsel, and Genworth will send Court-approved Settlement communications. Neither Epiq nor Class Counsel nor Genworth will ask you to pay money to participate in the Settlement.
What should I do if I receive a communication about the Settlement from someone or from a company other than Epiq, Genworth, or Class Counsel?
You should carefully review anything purporting to be a Settlement-related communication from any other person or company. You can disregard solicitations that ask for payments to participate in this Settlement.
If I have questions about a Settlement-related communication, who should I contact?
Please call Epiq at 1-833-991-1532, Class Counsel at 800-449-4900 or Genworth Customer Service at (800) 456-7766.

The Court’s approval of the Settlement is final. Pursuant to the terms of the Settlement, Genworth is sending Special Election Letters to Settlement Class Members on a rolling basis. Most Settlement Class Members can expect to receive a Special Election Letter approximately eight months prior to their policy anniversary date.

Welcome to the Information Website for the Skochin v. Genworth Life Insurance Company Class Action Settlement.

A Settlement has been reached between the parties in the Jerome Skochin, et al. v. Genworth Life Insurance Company, et al. class action lawsuit brought in the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia (the “Class Action”). On November 12, 2020, the Court granted final approval of the Settlement.

The purpose of this website is to describe the Class Action and to inform Settlement Class members of the Settlement terms.

The Class Action was filed against Genworth Life Insurance Company and Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York (collectively, “Genworth”) in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, alleging that Genworth intentionally withheld material information from long-term care insurance policyholders with respect to Genworth’s rate increase plans and its reliance on policyholders paying increased rates to pay future claims. The lawsuit asserts claims for fraudulent inducement by omission and violations of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, on behalf of policyholders in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Genworth denied any wrongdoing or legal liability in the lawsuit. The Court did not determine whether Genworth committed any wrongdoing or was liable to the class for any damages. A Settlement was reached between the parties to avoid the uncertainties, risks, expenses, and business disruption of continued litigation balanced against the settlement benefits to the Settlement Class. The Court approved the proposed Settlement as fair and reasonable.

The information on this website is only a summary of the Settlement. For the precise terms and conditions of the Settlement, the complete Settlement Agreement, pleadings and documents on file in this case are available on the Important Documents page of this website.

Summary of Your Legal Rights and Options in This Settlement
Option #1:
Do Nothing
If you do not oppose the settlement of the lawsuit, then simply do nothing. You do not need to return an opt-out letter and do not need to send any documents to the Settlement Administrator. IF YOU DO NOTHING AND YOU MEET THE CLASS DEFINITION, YOU WILL BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THE SETTLEMENT, INCLUDING THE RELEASE. If you do nothing, you will not have the right to pursue your own action for the claims covered by the Release. If the Settlement Agreement is finally approved by the Court, you may then be sent another letter with options to elect to receive benefits in the Settlement Agreement.
Option #2:
Exclude Yourself
If you do NOT want to be bound by the Settlement Agreement and wish to retain the right to proceed against Genworth on your own as to the claims encompassed by the Release, then you must notify the Settlement Administrator that you wish to exclude yourself from the Settlement Agreement and the Settlement Class.
Option #3:
If you want to remain in the Settlement Agreement and be bound by its terms, but you oppose any aspect of the Settlement Agreement, you may object to the Settlement Agreement.
Go to the Hearing A court hearing concerning the fairness of the settlement and to determine whether the settlement should be given final approval will be held on July 10, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at the following address: The Spottswood W. Robinson III and Robert R. Merhige, Jr., Federal Courthouse, 701 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23219, Richmond Courtroom 7400. You are not required or expected to attend the hearing in order to participate in the settlement.